Understanding the Greater Ecosystem

A complete process for any skill level, streamlined.

BOA | Online

  • The ultimate starting point for aspiring talent. The Online Academy is where relatively new talent can get access to many of the fundamental principles we instil in our trainees.
  • World-class mentors will take you under their wing so you can master the fundamentals, get an unfair competitive advantage, and take massive shortcuts.
  • No audition is required to receive access. The only requirements are ambition, determination and commitment. Learn more →

BOA | Development Bootcamp

  • The next “level” up is our private & exclusive Development Bootcamp. It’s reserved for emerging artists looking to create incredible content, expand their network and growth-hack their brand.
  • We strive to make our boot camps the final step needed before a career really takes off. The day-to-day activities are based on the artists’ needs.
  • Going through an evaluation process is required to get access. There is also a waiting list and higher price-point than the Online Academy. Learn more →

BOA | Offline

  • This is Black One Campus. This is where our trainees are developed into the next generation of superstars. It’s completely exclusive and has the highest entry-requirement standards.

Our Mission

More than just an academy.

Be a part of the unique experience.


Unmatched Resources

Up-to-date know-how deliveries from some of the most saught-after talent coaches in the world as well as our Black One Certified vocal & dance instructors. Meet them Online & Offline.


Systematic Training

Our experiences (Online & Offline) are holistically created for a variety of needs. Not only top-tier pro classes for singer/celebrity-aspirants, but also, many for motivated hobbyists.


Exclusive Auditions

Get access to private audition opportunities to become an exclusive trainee at Black One Campus. Also receive a fast-track pass for all future Black One Development Bootcamps.

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